Plan d'abonnement

The new subscription plan created for regular customers is simple and flexible. You will receive a regular supply of Satislent at your house with an exclusive discount.

And you thought that Complete Food couldn't be easier and cheaper?

How to benefit from the Subscription Plan

Before adding the products to your basket you must select "Subscription" in the Purchase Method section of the product page. You will see the subscription discount directly applied in the product page once selected. After selecting the subscription method you'll need to choose the regularity that you will want to receive the product.

Payment of subscription orders is only available with credit or debit card. 

Once the order is processed you will receive it at the selected address with the regularity you've chosen. An automatic payment will be placed on the same card of the first order.

You can check your active subscription plans at any time in the "My subscription" section of your customer account.

How to modify or cancel your Subscription Plan

You can cancel or modify your subscription plan at any time!

From the section "My subscriptions" of your customer account you can cancel or postpone your subscriptions.


If you have any other question regarding the Flexible Subscription Plan please send us an email to: