Delivery terms

To check the available shipping countries and shipping costs visit our shipping information page.

Satislent will send the products to the distribution warehouse, from where products will leave to the address that the buyer establishes. Each time an order is sent, the buyer will receive an email.

The cost of transport will be free in the case of standard peninsular shipping. For other shipping destinations, the costs will be indicated in the breakdown of the order.

Once the payment is confirmed, the purchase summary that corresponds to the order will be available on the website. It can be visualized in the link: "My Orders" of your account.

Satislent will ask its customers to choose the place of delivery, specifying their address, office or center where they want the product to be delivered. The delivery period in the event that stocks of products purchased are available ranges from 1 to 5 business days.

Each delivery is considered completed after the carrier has successfully delivered the product to the customer and has registered it by their control system. It is up to the recipient to check the order at the time of delivery and then make any claim that is justified, or even reject the package if it has been opened or if there is evidence of deterioration.

Reservations and complaints must be addressed to Satislent by email at the following address:

Payment Methods

Card payment

The accepted bank cards are: Visa and MasterCard. Secure web payment must be active on the credit cards in order to accept payments. If not, an error will occur on when processing the transaction.
This mode has no extra cost for customer.


The payment will be charged in the way the customer has contracted with Paypal. In the same way, the payment returns will be made by the same route.
This mode has no extra cost for customer.

Other payment methods

If you need another method of payment you can contact us at: