What is Satislent or Complete Foods?
Satislent is Complete food, a complete meal in a handy, sustainable and affordable way. Each take provides all the nutrients recommended for a balanced meal: carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibre, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
What is the difference between Complete Foods and meal replacements?
Let's be clear here, Complete Foods are real meals, made from real food. They are not considered meal replacements. Meal replacements are based on hypocaloric diets for losing weight, not being able to provide the energy or nutrients your body needs. In Satislent, our main concern is the quality of the ingredients and how these will affect your body in the long term.
When should I eat Satislent?
Every person finds the moment in their lifes where Complete Foods suits them the most. Some people take it as a quick and complete breakfast. Other people prefer to save it for replacing the office sandwich, while others just find it convenient for not cooking supper after a long day of work. You could also save it for trips, sports or any emergency you can think of. There is even people that solely eat Complete Foods. You decide!
How do I prepare Satislent Original?
You should mix it with water or milk with the free Shaker we give away on the first order. Alternatively you can also use a blender. If you are using the shaker bottle it's recommended first adding the water and then the powder. You can adjust the quantity of water and product depending on your nutritional needs and the consistency you'd like. Visit our Complete Food calculator for estimating your doses!
How should I store it?
You should store it in a dry place. Once mixed with liquid, consume within 2 hours or 24 hours in case of refrigerated.
How does it taste?
Our clients say that our shakes have a smooth flavour of cookies with a toasted background. We like using subtle flavours for not growing weary of them when using them in a daily basis.
What is the expiration date?
Our products have to be consumed preferably one year after they are produced.
Where is Satislent produced?
Satislent is formulated, produced and packed in Madrid, Spain.
Can I mix it with other ingredients?
We recommend mixing Satislent with other ingredients. A blender should come handy for this. Try mixing it with milk, vegetable milk or fruits! Our favourite mix is Satislent vanilla with banana.


What are the ingredients?
The ingredients of Satislent Original in decreasing order of quantity are: oats, gofio de millo (toasted cornmeal), soy flour, Andalusian virgin olive oil powder (maltodextrine, virgin olive oil), pea protein, linseed, salt, flavouring, minerals (chromium chloride, sodium selenite, calcium carbonate), vitamins (A: acetate, C: ascorbic acid, vitamin D2, E: DL-alfatocoferol, B2: riboflavine, B3: niacinamide, B5: D-calcium pantothenate, B6: pyridoxine, B7: D-biotine, B12: cobalamine), xantham gum and sucralose.
Contains gluten?
Yes, it contains oat flour and toasted cornmeal with a low quantity of gluten.
Is it vegan?
Yes, Satislent is 100% vegan.
Is it lactose-free?
Yes. While other Complete Foods use milk protein, we use high quality pea protein instead.
What are the allergens?
Satislent Original and Sport contain gluten and soy. There can also be traces of nuts and sesame.
Is it free of transgenics?
Yes, Satislent is GMO free.
Is it low in FODMAPs?
Satislent's main ingredients are oats and cornmeal, both considered low in FODMAPs. There are however other ingredients like the pea protein and the soy with higher content of FODMAPs. We recommend consuming it with precaution in case of having a low FODMAPs diet.
Can I use it to loose or gain weight?
You can use Satislent either to maintain, gain or loose weight. IT is very easy to adapt Satislent to your needs by measuring the caloric intake. We even have a Complete Food calculator that can help you estimate the size of your meals.
Can I consume it if I have diabetes?
Satislent hasn't been clinically tested for people with diabetes. We have received positive testimonies of some clients, however we recommend to always consult your doctor and consume with precaution in case of having diabetes.

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