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We live in a busy world. By 2021, 10 years after the launch of Soylent, there are over 30 companies producing and selling their own brand of Complete Food. This growth is catatyzed by the fact that the consumers, which find their life improved and simplified with the discovery of Complete Foods, spread the word to their friends and relatives.

Despite the increasing popularity in the last years, there is still a long way to go until a real revolution on the food industry is accomplished. The revolution will not be determined by numbers but with a shift in product awareness. Most of the population hasn't yet heard of Complete Foods or they misunderstand its values. This is were, thanks to the work of all the great companies involved, the change is happening.

A global awareness must be a shared project. Are you up to the challenge?

Why Satislent?

Our mission is to foster the revolution of Smart Nutrition by feeding the world with nutritionally complete and natural meals, easy to prepare and ready to consume anywhere /anytime.

Founded in 2017, Satislent is the first Complete Food company in Spain. It was founded with the idea to leverage the potential of rich regional resources. Launching the first product on 2016 Satislent became the first Complete Food company in Spain. Because of that we are committed to selecting the best fitted ingredients available in the Spanish territory.

We understand that some people may nourish exclusively from Complete Foods, and because of that we focus in product quality and it's impact on the long-term consumer's health. Using local ingredients and insourcing production we manage to keep prices low as the market demands. Other core values of our product are: 100% vegan, Lactose-free, GMO-free and globally sustainable.

Client Customizations

In Satislent we treat each partner as unique, understanding that different public requieres different approaches. Sharing our own expertise and combining it with the clients understanding of their market we build profitable customer relationships.

With a fully internalized formulation and production process we adapt to your needs. Label language, quantity, format, flavours or even ingredients may be tailored. As a partner of Satislent you will be dealing directly with top-level managers allowing swiftness and flexibility in negotiations.

One-to-one support

You will have direct support with industry experts to answer any question you or your clients may have. As a member of the Satislent community you will have access to private brand content to help get started as soon as possible and to boost your sales.

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