Recipes and tips

Tips for beginners

If you are using the shaker bottle pour the liquid first and then the Satislent. You will get a better mix. You can leave the mixed product rest in the fridge for some minutes and you'll get a better taste and texture.

If you are not sure of the servings you need to start with, you can use our Complete Food calculator. The first of its kind! With time you will be able to dose your serving according to your body needs.

For advanced users

You already know Complete Foods... Do you want to be an expert?

Use a blender to add other ingredients to the mix. Start with a banana and the result will surprise you!

You can also prepare recipes using Satislent as a substitute of flour. You will see some examples below.

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Complete recipes

Lemon smart balls

Save them for when you need a quick energy boost or you're craving for a snack.

They will disappear from your fridge!

Tiramisu next level

We like experimenting to the "next level".

Do not set limits to the Complete Food. Call some friends and have a great time preparing a tiramisu with the most complete ingredient.

Complete pancakes

Replace any flour with Satislent. The perfect recipe for a complete breakfast.

It will be your Sunday morning ritual!

Banana fun shake

Can you imagine a delicious shake that also provides all the nutrients of a complete and balanced meal?

Plug your blender and check how easy it is!

Matcha cheesecake

This cheesecake is formulated with our unique Satislent Matcha Coconut. A complete blend of nutrients with all the properties of matcha tea.