Satislent Compact

Compact nutrition bar. Chocolate v1.0

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Satislent Compact is a complete chewable bar made from real food. Each take provides approximately 20% of the daily nutrient needs of an average person.

Starting from an affordable price of 2.5€ the meal (427kcal), it helps you to save time while keeping healthy.

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Progressive prices
(120g: 1 bar)

  • 5 bars: 3.5€/bar
  • 10 bars: 3.0€/bar
  • 20 bars: 2.7€/bar
  • 30+ bars: 2.5€/bar

Remember that Satislent is a non-perishable food and it doesn't need to be stored in the cooler.

Price: 17,50 €

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