Serving size

NEW 100g serving size

Complete Food has evolved a great deal since we started in 2016 and we want to keep up with the new changes!

Many of the Complete Food brands have decided to use a 100g serving dose instead of 160g with an increase of number of meals per day. This is understandable as the full 160g meal was hard to finish for many consumers that preferred to split the meals during the day.

We've adapted to this new norm in order to help costumers control their meals as well as making it easier for them to compare different products.


NEW volume discounts and Subscription reduction

The discount system has been simplified and product prices have been updated.

You can now buy all our products cheaper than before with the subscription plan

Product New best price New best Subscription price Previous best price
Original 1,28€/100g 1,12€/100g 1,25€/100g
Sport 1,4€/100g 1,23€/100g 1,31€/100g
Compact 2,4€/bar 2,10€/bar 2,5€/bar
Keto 2,97€/serving 2,64€/serving 2,88€/serving

Subscription Plan

The new subscription plan created for regular customers is simple and flexible. You will receive a regular supply of Satislent at your house with an exclusive discount.You can cancel or modify your subscription plan at any time!

From your Account Page you can access, modify or cancel your active subscriptions. 

Click here to learn more about the Subscription Plan.