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How it works

Every person has its own nutritional needs depending on their sex, body build, metabolic rate activeness, etc. Some people may be also looking to gain or loose weight, to which Smart Food can be adjusted.

With the Complete Food Calculator you can get an estimate of the doses of Satislent you should be taking. Bear in mind that the calculation will not be perfect, so listen to your body needs to continue adjusting your doses!

The field "Target" enables you to change the configuration if you want to loose or gain weight.


The doses per meal are too big. If your doses per meal are too high, try increasing the number of meals per day or dividing each meal in two different servings.

How many times per day can I eat Complete Food? There is no upper or lower limit on Complete Food meals. Use it when you need it. Some people may eat have it occasionally, others just for breakfast... There is even people that solely eat Complete Foods. You decide!